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    IDALIA's intention is to create pieces that feel personal, inspire, uplift and celebrate the beautiful world around us. She believes jewelry should be fun, whimsical and not only about trends, but style, a unique expression of you.

    Behind the Affinity

    Inspired by a random act of kindness and thoughtfulness that created a ripple effect in Idalia. Designed with intention to create beautiful memories in the lives of women and to bring us together as one.

    Wear One. Share One. Be One.

    By wearing one bracelet, and sharing the other with that special someone in your life – your best friend, mother, sister or daughter we embrace our sense of connection and meaningful relationships.
    Create Memories & Tell Your Story

    Idalia's Design Concept

    “After chatting with a woman I just met, something on her wrist caught my eye and I couldn’t help but compliment her on how pretty the beads were she was wearing.  She smiled and was delighted that I liked them, and then, she proceeded to take them off her wrist and gave them to me! I will forever treasure that moment and her kind intention. Today I feel fortunate to gain a very special friend in my life…. By wearing The Affinity, we embrace the sense of connection, cherish our friendships and meaningful relationships.”