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    IDALIA's intention is to create pieces that feel personal, inspire, uplift and celebrate the beautiful world around us. She believes jewelry should be fun, whimsical and not only about trends, but style, a unique expression of you.

    Droplets Tassel Choker

    Versatility at its best. The Droplet Tassel Choker Necklace has endless possibilities for styling your looks (a minimum of seven different ways). You’ll sparkle like a diamond when wearing this necklace made of intricately woven signature IB sterling silver threads and diamond cut chain.

    21K Gold Plated Sterling Sliver; .925 Sterling Silver
    Length: 45"


     Italian Craftsmanship
     Ethically Made
     Comes in an IDALIA box & suede pouch
     Always FREE US Shipping

    Each IDALIA Jewelry piece comes in its own signature IDALIA box

    Our Difference

    .925 Sterling Silver, 21K Gold, 21K Rose Gold

    CARE: Your body was made to wear jewelry because the oils in your skin
    help prevent it from oxidizing, so wear it often! To prevent any unexpected surprises,
    remove your jewelry before you encounter any form of H20 and store it in
    the IDALIA suede pouch it comes with to help preserve plating.

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